Our Pricing

We currently accept Medicare, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield as in-network.

For other insurance companies, uninsured, or high-deductible plans feel free to pay our self-pay pricing starting at $199 per visit.


We offer several procedures in the comfort of your home. Some examples include laceration repairs, splinting, and joint injections.

Diagnostic testing

We offer a wide variety of rapid onsite testing including strep, flu, STDs, urinalysis and pregnancy.

First dose of medicine

We carry many medications and can provide the first dose for many conditions preventing the need for a late night visit to the pharmacy when you’re not feeling well.


Our van is fully stocked with supplies to treat urgent medical conditions. Some examples include crutches, splints, and dressings.

We never want you to feel confused or worried about pricing. Below is a sample of pricing for self-pay patients for some of our most common procedures, tests, medication and supplies.

Please contact us with any questions prior to your visit.

Breathing Treatment $50
Ear Wax Removal $50
EKG $50
Incision & Drainage $150
IV Therapy $150
Joint Injection $75
Laceration Repair – Dermabond $150
Laceration Repair – Staple $75
Laceration Repair – Suture $150
Splinting $75
Urinary Catheter Insertion $50
Vaginal Exam with STD Test $150
Adenosine $12
Amoxicillin $10
Augmentin $6
Azithromycin $8
Cefdinir $50
Claritin – Children’s $32
Dexamethasone $5
Dextrose $10
Diltiazem $10
Ear Drops $5
Epinephrine Injection $75
Eye Drops $43
Ibuprofen – Children’s $10
Insulin $15
Milk of Magnesia $6
Naloxone $135
Neo-Synephrine $10
Orphenadrine $20
Promethazine $6
Racemic Epi $5
Silvadene $22
Solu-cortef $35
Solu-medrol $57
Steroid Cream $7
Steroid Injection $15
Tetanus Injection $75
Toradol $6
Tylenol – Children’s $10
Diagnostic Testing
Influenza $60
Mono $60
Occult Blood $30
RSV $60
STD $100
Strep $60
Urinalysis $30
Urine Pregnancy $30
Ankle Brace $52
Arm Sling $5
Asthma Flowmeter $37
Cautery Device $19
Crutches $25
Foley Catheter $23
Forearm Splint $12
G-Tube $100
Knee Brace $35
Nasal Packing $38
Post-Op Shoe $17
Shoulder Brace $15
Sutures – Additional $14
Reusable Ice Pack $5
Walking Boot $138
Wrist Splint $20


We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and HSA/FSA cards. We accept Medicare, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield as in-network for Utah patients. For self-pay patients, we’re happy to provide you with an itemized receipt for the services rendered.