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Medicare wellness visits are an important yearly encounter for those enrolled in Medicare plans. The goal of these visits is to provide education, recognize concerns and implement possible interventions to improve quality of life and prevent disease. This visit will include making sure you are able to safely conduct your daily activities, discuss risks in your medications and medical history, monitor weight and blood pressure, and assess mental health status and cognitive function. The best thing we can do is find a potential problem before it exists and try to make an intervention to keep you healthy and safe. The annual Medicare Wellness visit is 100% covered by Medicare with no cost to you. Don’t skip out on this important service available to you through Medicare. We know that traveling to doctors offices can be difficult. We are happy to come to you and conduct this visit in the home. In fact, we prefer to be able to see you in your home as it’s more comfortable for you and it helps give us an idea of how to best keep you safe in your home.

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Darrin holds a clinical practicing doctorate degree and two separate nurse practitioner certifications. With over 11 years of medical experience, he has worked in hospital emergency departments, ICUs, interventional radiology suites, on Medevac helicopters, and in ambulances. In addition to his extensive experience, he also has a wide variety of specialized training making him the ideal person to treat urgent and emergent medical conditions.