Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you. Browse through some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still need help, please reach out at any time.


Do you treat emergencies?

If you feel that your medical condition is putting your life at risk, you should call 911 or go to the emergency department immediately. 

Examples of some emergent conditions include chest pain, difficulty breathing, or stroke-like symptoms, such as one-sided arm or leg weakness of difficulty speaking.

Many conditions that some people seek medical care for in the emergency department can be treated in an urgent care setting. Some of these conditions include cough, cold, flu, earaches, headaches, nausea, and vomiting without abdominal pain, sprains, strains, simple fractures, and lacerations. 

What is Urgent Care-a-Van?

Urgent Care-a-Van is a mobile urgent care clinic that brings urgent medical care to the comfort of your home. Our goal is to get you feeling better while preventing the inconvenience of driving to clinics or emergency departments and waiting in filled waiting rooms when you aren’t feeling well.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a two-way interactive audio and video medical visit. This is similar to a Skype or Facetime call where you and the medical provider are both able to see and talk with each other in real time over a computer or smartphone. Urgent Care-A-Van LLC uses Kareo, a medical software platform for telemedicine visits to help ensure your health visit is secure. Currently we’re accepting telemedice patients in Iowa, New Mexico, and Utah.


How do I schedule a visit?

Simply give us a call at 801-686-5898 to schedule your visit. 

Do you offer service in my area?

We are currently servicing the majority of the Salt Lake Metropolitan area, from Ogden down to Point of the Mountain, including Eden and Huntsville. You can see our service area map by clicking here.

We are working towards expanding our service area. Please let us know if you are interested in having this service available in your area.

We’re also able to accept Telemedicine patients in Iowa, Utah, and New Mexico.

I've scheduled an appointment but now I need a different time, can I reschedule?

Yes, you can reschedule your appointment up until you receive communication from us that we are on our way. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment so we can assure others are able to receive your time slot if you are unable to use it.

Can I cancel my visit?

We will contact you when we are enroute to your location, at that time the visit becomes non-refundable and you will be billed for the service. If you decide you would rather go to a clinic and cancel your visit please, call us at 801-686-5898 as soon as possible to let us know. 

Can I add an additional family member to my visit?

Yes, you can add another family member to your visit. Just give us a call prior to your visit or let the provider know when they get there. 

What is Kareo?

Nearly every clinic and hospital you visit uses a computer-based health record system. Kareo is the electronic health record system that is used by Urgent Care-A-Van LLC. This platform allows the company to securely set up appointments, provide telehealth services and document medical records. There will be links from our company website to the Kareo system which allow you to request appointments, conduct telehealth visits, view your patient portal, and review educational materials. For more information about Kareo, please visit


Do I still need to have a primary care doctor?

Yes, just as with any urgent care facility, our services are not meant to take the place of primary care. We encourage you to schedule a follow-up visit with your primary care provider after using our service.

Do you treat children?

Yes, our provider is certified to treat patients of all ages. 

How do I get my prescription after my appointment?

Any needed prescriptions are electronically sent to the local pharmacy of your choice. You will need to pick up the medication there. For your convenience, we carry the first dose of many medications which could prevent the need to rush to the pharmacy the same day. 

Do you carry/prescribe controlled substances?

Current laws prevent us from carrying controlled substances in a mobile setting. In the rare occasion that a condition warrants a controlled substance prescription, one may be provided. We do not refill chronic pain medications and will check the controlled substance database to evaluate prescription history prior to any prescription decisions.


How do I pay for my visit?

We accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, and HSA/FSA cards. We currently accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage AARP/Optum, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and PEHP as in-network for Utah patients. For self-pay patients, we’re happy to provide you with an itemized receipt for the services rendered.

Do you accept medical insurance?

We currently accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage AARP/Optum, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal, Blue Cross Blue Shield,  and PEHP as in-network.

For other insurance companies, uninsured, or high-deductible plans, visits are $200. Additional fees may apply for some procedures and supplies.

What are the hidden fees?

We value clear, up-front pricing. For our self-pay patients, we charge a general visit fee of $200 per visit for in-home visits and $75 for telemedicine visits. During your in-home visit, we will assess your condition and clearly discuss with you any additional fees that may apply for any procedures or supplies that may be needed during your visit. We never want you to feel unsure about pricing, so please feel free to call us with any questions!

Our Team

What qualifications do your providers have?

All of our medical providers are board certified nurse practitioners who have vast experience in the treatment of urgent medical conditions. Feel free to browse our provider profiles for more information.

Assistance staff include state-licensed Paramedics and EMTs.

How do I know if the person at the door is really Urgent Care-A-Van?

We will arrive in our company vehicle with the Urgent Care-A-Van logo and wear a uniform with our company name and logo. If there is any concern, please call us to verify prior to letting us in your home.

Have your providers been through background checks?

All of our staff members have extensive medical experience working in hospitals and clinics. Our providers are board certified nurse practitioners and have undergone strict background checks.